Self Care

There are some self assessment programmes available online which are a useful starting point. Please note they are not a substitute for professional help and have not been assessed in the same way that programmes recommended by NICE have been.

Living Life to The Full On-line is a life skills resource written by a psychiatrist with many years experience of experience creating a range of educational life skills resources based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles.

Mood Gym: A free self help program to teach cognitive behaviour therapy skills to people vulnerable to depression and anxiety from the Australian National University.

Some of the keys to good mental health:

  • Good self esteem-you are OK!

There are lots of sites on building self esteem if you search-we liked this one:

  • Assertiveness -stand up for yourself in a positive way.
  • Exercise, good food and a regular sleep pattern.

PharmacyHealthLink (PHLink) is a Charity which has been working for over 21 years to support pharmacists and other professionals to give health information to the public and has simple advice on looking after your health: