Past Events

In May 2013 we raised …including online donations with gift aid (minus the 5% that the Just Giving site takes) and all the money raised at the event-Ta Da! (drum roll…….)

£280 to Rethink for their work with young people in schools, educating young people about mental health and early intervention.
£200 for Together at Reading Your Way to pay for peer support work locally. (Plus £60 kept in reserve). So £540 total!!

Massive thanks to all the following bands who gave their time for free, to Ivor,Emma and Kat for organising, to Sharon for venue support and to everyone who came! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Music4MentalHealth 2013!!

Black Emerald

Ghost in the Static

Men that follow Hell


Avenge Thee and Naime

and not forgetting our good friend Steve who supported us with his new band with an amazing female singer

Incarnadine Coven

In May 2012 Music4MentalHealth raised enough money (plus a few donations from Helena and her Dad, Sarah, Bridge, Caroline and some kind souls who attended the Personality Disorder conference in Manchester!) for a new printer and several toners for EmergencePlus, (aabout £870 pounds) the PD service user organisation. They have now written some fantastically informative and sensitive educational new material and printed it in colour (in beautiful folders!)

On 13th October we had a little jewellery sale at a local gig and the great band Koru gave us 10% of their merchandise profits! Lots of people took our Time-to-Change material-more important than the £16 we made!!

Music for Mental Health.Reading Alternative Festival.


Friday 27th May 2011 – RISC, Reading (Ska/Punk)

Smokey Bastard –

Rage DC –
Burning Idols –
The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels-

Saturday 28th May 2011 – The Face Bar, Reading (Rock/Metal)

Regardless Of Me –
Liquid Sky –
Triaxis –
Kamikaze Test Pilots –
Zangryus –
The Mariana Hollow –
HeKz –
Abadden –
Tainted Grace –

Sunday 29th May 2011 - RISC,London Street, Reading (Acoustic/Folk)

Jim McLean –
Anthea Neads –
The Westlanders

£77 profit

Massive thanks to all the bands especially Godsized who were awesome and played to a crowd of five thousand the week before-respect for supporting mental health promotion guys!

Also big thanks to Amity who helped us out last minute and drove all the way from Brighton-we loved her music!

Facebar’s got Talent. £150 raised

‘Ladles and Jellyspoons’ evening. £1000 raised

Dougie and Tasha sky-diving for MIND( approx £1200 directly to MIND on behalf of The Eva B foundation.)

Marathon run by Lisa Edwards £122

Venetian Masked Ball plus some donations June 2009 £500

Sally’s garden party and Christmas carol singing (approx £200 going directly to Rethink. )

Sale of calendars designed by Ivor Edwards. £100

£500 donation from Caroline Millest (direct to The Charlie Waller Trust on behalf of The Eva B Foundation)

Donations  by friends £180,

The Alternative Valentine’s Ball Feb 2009 £262 Strawberries, Scones and Beauty Therapy garden party July 2009 £250

Time and energy donated by two very professional beauty therapists and Reiki practitioner, riniel and Anira. contact them on or 07882374459

Music in the Manor

Music in the Manor was held at Easthampstead Park Manor and was packed full of comedy with a series of Comedy acts courtesy of Robin Shaw with Punxly Productions and music from 3 for £10. The event raised £310.

on 1st was chritian elderfield,!/profile.php?id=508465093&v=info

on 2nd was larry dean.

after the interval we had johnny armstrong;!/johnny.armstrong?sk=info

then we had our MC (host for the evening) which was jonjo rowlands

Thanks to Robin Shaw,organiser,comedian and headline act -links below.!/profile.php?id=100000062696083

We also had some extra visitors-young reporters who had been on minefield and hostage training who let their hair down (in the nicest way ) with us-what a great night!

2010Wristband sales £60 (to December )

Up and coming band Dirty Revolution came all the way from Cardiff to support us-you saw them here first and they will be BIG!

Will Tun and The Wasters F.M.C gig at The Rising Sun-donations £92

Chief-this great bunch of Liverpudlians had the whole place jumping!

Smokey Bastard were as life affirming and crazy as ever and Muck Fe continued to show their true professionalism-a brilliant night!

£28 raised by door donations.

Anthea Neads donation of her CD £10 sale

The Eva B Foundation-promoting and supporting good mental health.Official organisation launch Saturday 15th January.70′s and 80′s Rock Disco at The Face Bar, Chatham Street, ReadingWith thanks to all the amazing  musicians who play at The Swan in Arborfield and raise money every summer for terminally ill children at Rock in the Rec thanks to ‘Thrown Together  and to Brixi on

£315 raised-£200 direct to Reading Samaritans who supported us on the night and £115 to account.

Money out £4624 (112+380+1840+200+£280+80+50+ 200+30+500+500+100+200+152)

Calendars £100.(Sales of calendars recouped the £100 which went back separately into takings at gigs).Publicity printing £12.

Production of  wristbands £380(sales from wristbands at gigs go back into takings on the night).

£1840 to OCD UK.             £200 to Together at Resource for peer group work. £280 to Rethink.

£80 to RISC deposit for hall for May 2011 Festival .    £50 for catering equipment for current and future events.

£200 to Reading Samaritans. £30 for website 2011.

£500 to Reading Samaritans. £500 to Young Minds.

Another £100 to Together for peer group work. £200 to The Early Intervention Foundation. £152 for the adult peer support group at RISC run by Bexi for four weeks (£112 room hire, £40 catering)

Money in (excluding all money given directly)

From above £4454 plus £60 reserve+ £170 from Reading County Courts Dec 2013 and £61 from Laura’s cake sale=£4745

So we have £121 left in account.