BIG THANK YOUS TO LAURA AND CASS FOR FUND-RAISING AT THEIR POST WEDDING TEA PARTY WITH LOTS OF LUSCIOUS CAKES FOR SALE FOR DONATIONS! (£61) AND BIG THANKS TO SUE AND HER TEAM AT READING COUNTY COURT FOR THE MONEY FROM THEIR CHRISTMAS RAFFLE! (£170). Money will be forwarded shortly to The Early Intervention Foundation (a new charity-see News page) and Together at Reading Your Way, supporting their peer support group work.   THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Why have another mental health voluntary organisation?

  • Having a local focus.
  • Fundraising with the emphasis on Fun! and having events where you can feel free to admit to having mental health concerns. No shame here!
  • Campaigning for improvements to services, removing stigma and giving people a voice.
  • Providing information on health services, medicines and charities-being informed is the key to moving forward.
  • Honouring and remembering Eva. (This organisation is user led by young people.)


NO SHAME HERE (see link below). Look out for our next big Music 4 Mental Health events.

Thoughts we want to share:

Not the end-the beginning I want to understand.
Don’t be afraid to ask. You’re not alone. Don’t give up.

SELF CARE See our self care page-good mental health and good physical health are inter-dependent. Regular exercise, a healthy diet and a good sleep pattern will all help. Talk to others and try not to isolate yourself. Make time to do things you like doing! Search online or ask at your local library for more information.
GENERAL INFORMATION Pharmacists have information on medicines and can signpost you to local services.NHS Direct (see NHS Choices) can provide information too, as can your practice nurse and GP.
NEED HELP NOW See the Doctor at your surgery or local walk-in centre. Or ring the out of hours service local to you. Alternatively you can ring or email NHS Direct as they are a 24-hour service. If you want to talk to someone, call the Samaritans-they are non-judgemental and will really listen.Tel:08457 909090 or Republic Ireland 1850 609090
DANGER TO YOURSELF OR OTHERS? You can still use the services above but you can also go to your local Accident and Emergency department. Mental Health Trusts vary in different parts of the country but if you search for mental health services in your local area, you should find a guide to Access teams and out of hours Crisis teams.

This site is also dedicated to P.M.   Updated 11th  January 2014